Mark Ortega is a fully qualified Sports Therapist and a Personal Trainer. He is trained and equipped with a wide variety of skills and techniques which allow him to assist clients who suffer from muscular or postural imbalances, any muscular dysfunction activity, daily life activity or an occupational hazard. His skills and knowledge in both Sports therapy and Personal training allow him to specialise in Manual therapy such as sports massage, injury prevention, rehabilitation of the client back to their pre-injury fitness whether its sports specific or general fitness and corrective exercise which can improve their posture and overall function.

He is keen in helping people dealing with their muscular dysfunctions and his aim is to help prevent injury and promote recovery through rehabilitation and manual therapy. He can offer different types of massage such as Sports remedial, Deep tissue, Relaxation, Neuromuscular/Trigger point and lymphatic drainage massage. He also does Advance Soft tissue techniques and a variety of Stretching modalities which greatly compliments his massage treatment. He is also trained in Kinesio taping and Strapping.

He takes pride in providing a quality service to his clients and in his ability to build rapport with them, and he also enjoys educating them whether it is about exercise fitness, nutrition or any advice related to their treatment.

Mark is also passionate about health & fitness and in his spare time he likes workout in the gym or plays basketball, he also enjoys a wide variety of food as well as maintaining a well-balanced diet. He is fully committed to helping in alleviating any pain, relaxing or releasing the muscle tension, to find the underlying cause of the problem and ultimately correct it from there to achieve the client's targeted goals, whether it is for sports performance or an improvement in the quality of life.

Mark Ortega, Sports Massage, Chichester, West Sussex, Swedish, Deep Tissue

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