What is Pre-Chiropractic Massage?

When coming for a Chiropractic treatment, if you are dealing with a lot of muscular tension, it can sometimes be useful to get some of this loosened with a quick massage session before your Chiropractic adjustments. This is a much more brief session compared to normal, lasting only 10 minutes, but is typically enough to get you ready for your Chiropractic session.


Pre Chiropractic Massage, Chichester, West Sussex

Carla Jones, Sports Massage Therapist in Chichester

Carla Jones

Since doing her first ever massage course in Level 3 Sports Massage, Carla realised that she had a passion for massage and wanted to take things further by expanding her techniques. She then went on to study Level 3 Holistic Therapies as well as a course in Advanced Massage Techniques. In 2012 Carla moved to West Sussex from Wales and have gained 4 years experience within the spa industry. In 2015 she completed Level 4 Sports Massage at Brighton & Hove City College.

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Patrick Duggan

Patrick Duggan has always been interested in Sports & Fitness & studied Sports Science at Carnegie College, Leeds University. He went on to study Sports & Remedial Massage at the London School of Sports Massage in 2011. Patrick is a full member of the Sports Massage Association (SMA) & the Sports Therapy Association (STA).

Sports Massage is not reserved for the sporty types, Patrick treats as many clients with stiff, sore muscles from the stresses of office work, parenting, hiking and sitting.

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Mark Ortega

Mark is a fully qualified Sports Therapist and Personal Trainer and so he is trained and equipped with a wide variety of skills. This allows him to help his clients with Sports injuries, Musculoskeletal disorders and work-related issues, such as back or neck pain. He uses a combination of techniques to help alleviate pain, fix muscular imbalances and to normalise and restore function. This can help you get back to your sport or simply improve your quality of life.

Furthermore, Mark's treatment doesn’t just end in the clinic. He also educates his clients and prescribes them appropriate exercises to take home. Mark also does 1:1 Personal Training for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

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