Nutritional Therapy in Chichester

Why see a Nutritional Therapist?

Today we are all exposed to more nutritional information than ever before, the do’s and don’ts change with alarming regularity. Generally, we know more of the science behind what we eat than generations before, though the whole picture is rarely clear.

There is also an enormous amount of choice, this brings with it increased temptations that are everywhere, but what is less obvious is that so much of this ‘modern’ food does not deliver what we hope due to the way it was treated, grown, harnessed and transported.

The Human body sustained itself for hundreds of thousands of years through foraging, hunting and gathering wide, hugely varied and wholesome diets providing full nutritional profiles needed to thrive and perform. Only a tiny fraction of history is made up of agriculture and farming foods and only a microsecond of packaged foods designed and created to be consumed en-masse and make profits. The vital vitamins and nutrients our bodies once thrived upon, often heavily compromised by modern food production, the increased pace of life, levels of toxicity in our environment leaving us even further depleted.

In today’s world to function at our optimum we need to go beyond simply counting calories. Correctly adjusting your diet/ nutritional profile to suit your biochemical individuality can safely break weight loss plateaus, significantly increase energy levels, enhance sports performance, boost your immunity, improve your mood, improve sleep quality and effectiveness and transform hair and skin.

Most importantly it will give you back a healthy gut, which is the catalyst to so many health issues today.


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Nutritional Therapy in Chichester, kinesiology, chichester, kinesiologist, muscle testing, allergy testing, sussex, west, chichester

Your Nutritional Consultation

What does a consultation involve?

Our first session is an hour and we establish our starting point by examining what you currently consume. You will be sent a food diary to fill out for three days prior to the appointment as well as a detailed health questionnaire.

At the session, we will explore your goals and expand on your current dietary condition by identifying nutritional and lifestyle factors that may be inhibiting these goals. We will test for food sensitivities and supplement deficiencies if appropriate with other sub-clinical testing also available.  We also go beyond food, there may be emotional influences that affect what, when and how much we eat what we do which may need to be explored. Other Kinesiology techniques may be used to support our goals.

With this information, we will develop a tailored evidence based plan that is built for your personal requirements and works around your life. We will provide on-going support and weekly or bi weekly consultations are recommended if there is an acute concern or monthly if it is a long term situation.


Nutritional Therapy in Chichester, kinesiology, chichester, west sussex, therapist, muscle testing, kinesiologist

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Nutritional Therapy in Chichester