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We aim to offer you the best care available, with your Physiotherapist creating a personalised health plan to recover, improve your function, reduce pain levels and increase your overall well-being. During your appointments, a variety of treatments will be offered including Manual Therapy, Soft Tissue Therapy, Massage, Kinesio Taping, Dry Needling and Exercise / Stretch prescription. 

Depending on your recommended treatment plan, we have a variety of options available;

Before we can proceed with any treatment we need to find out some details about you. Your Physiotherapist will run through a detailed personal history including details on your symptoms, any medications, operations or past treatments you have had. We will then run through a physical examination to get a good overview of how your body is functioning and to determine what is causing your symptoms. This physical assessment can include checking your joint range of motion, muscle strength, gait, skin sensations and neurological function. Your physio will also perform some specific orthopaedic tests where necessary. If indicated they will also run through a cardiovascular, respiratory and abdominal screening.

At the end of the examination, your physiotherapist will explain their initial findings and if you are both happy will proceed with your first treatment. Once we are happy we have a good understanding of the cause of your issues, we will explain our findings, recommended care plan and assuming we are both happy, we can then follow through with the first stage of your treatment. Throughout treatment, we will also recommend various stretches and exercises to help aid your recovery.

We will then explain our findings, helping you to understand what is causing your symptoms. Once we have explained everything we will then offer the first treatment.

After your first visit, we have a number of payment options, with either an upfront payment or pay per treatment plan.

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On our follow-up appointment, we will discuss how you have progressed since your last appointment, find out how your symptoms have changed and then carry out the next treatment. During these sessions, we will also provide advice on ways of complimenting your treatment, which is all tailored to your personal needs. This advice includes specific stretches, targeted strengthening exercises, posture correction strategies and pain management programs.

Packages or Treatment Plans

The 6 treatment plan is a good value option for new patients or those with new / returning symptoms. This plan allows a focused approach, which most people find very beneficial. This brings the cost per treatment to £40 per time.

Payment Options

We take all major credit or debit cards (except American Express), Cash, Stripe, and GoCardless.

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