What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractor in Chichester
Chiropractic is a method of spinal adjustments which aim to encourage alignment of the spine. Chiropractic is a harmony of science and philosophy with the aim of helping the body to function at its optimum. Chiropractic is focused on achieving spinal alignment through specific and targeted adjustments to improve the biomechanical health of your spine. Every day thousands of people visit Chiropractors as a way to stay healthy, increase flexibility and improve posture for a better life and sports performance.

What is the cause of your symptoms?

Your nervous system controls and regulates every movement and every process in your body. Misalignments in your spine can cause interferences with your nervous system, leading to negative effects on your health, performance and in some cases causing symptoms including pain, numbness, pins & needles and tingling.

Unlike painkillers which can mask your symptoms, Chiropractors looks to diagnose the main underlying cause and treat these accordingly. To find the cause we take a full history, perform a physical which can include a neurological, cardiovascular, abdominal and respiratory screening, range of motion testing and gait evaluation. There might be times when we may need to refer you back to your GP for further tests or for x-rays within our own facilities.

Your Chiropractor will use effective adjustments to help correct any misalignments and encourage your body’s own healing mechanisms.
Chiropractor in Chichester

So what's next?

Our main aim at the Chichester Chiropractic Health Centre is to improve your quality of life. Whether this is through reducing your pain, increasing flexibility, improving posture, maintaining a healthy body or increasing your performance. We help people manage life in a more positive manner.

Before we can perform any adjustments we need to find out some details about you. Your Chiropractor will run through a detailed personal history including details on your symptoms, any medications, operations or past treatments you have had. We will then run through a physical examination to get a good overview of how your body is functioning. This physical can include assessing your joint range of motion, muscle strength, gait, skin sensations and neurological function.We will also perform some specific orthopaedic tests. If necessary we will also run through a cardiovascular, respiratory and abdominal screening.

At the end of the examination, we will explain our initial findings and perform a relief adjustment. After your first appointment your Chiropractor will study your case and determine the best course of action for you.
Your next appointment will be a report of findings where your Chiropractor will explain their findings in detail, what they mean, adjust fully and discuss the recommended treatment plan.

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