What is Natural Lift Face Massage?

The Natural Lift Face Massage offers a holistic facial treatment which incorporates a blend of Indian face massage, Japanese facial massage and Acupressure for the face... but it offers so much more! It offers a shoulder, neck, face, jaw and scalp massage, finishing with a choice of hand or foot massage. It is perfectly suited to anyone who suffers from neck tension, shoulder tension, headaches or jaw tension.

Neck Shoudler Massage

What does the Natural Lift Face Massage offer?

    • Relax the muscles in the neck, shoulders and jaw
    • Improve skin suppleness
    • Reduce and release tension in the face and jaw
    • Reduce expression lines and wrinkles
    • Relieve stress symptoms such as insomnia, headaches and eye strain
    • Tone and help tighten the skin and underlying muscle
    • Stimulate rejuvenation and cellular activity
    • Promote blood circulation
    • Enhance mental and physical relaxation 

The treatment is gentle where needed and firm when necessary. It primarily uses the pads of the fingers and thumbs, lifting and massaging skin and muscles over the face, around the eyes, temples and scalp, helping to free up tension stored in the facial muscles as well as improving facial complexion. 

For optimum results to improve the regeneration of the skin, it is recommended that this treatment is received weekly for a minimum of 4 weeks.

However, taken on its own, it will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and overall less tense in the shoulders, neck, head and face.

This is a 60-minute appointment and will include at least 50-minutes of massage. Please be aware this treatment is not suitable if you have received facial Botox within the last 6 weeks. 

Massage Prices

Natural Lift Face Massage - 60 minutes - £66 - Book Online


Carla Jones, Sports Massage Therapist in Chichester

Carla Jones

Since doing her first ever massage course in Level 3 Sports Massage, Carla realised that she had a passion for massage and wanted to take things further by expanding her techniques. She then went on to study Level 3 Holistic Therapies as well as a course in Advanced Massage Techniques. In 2012 Carla moved to West Sussex from Wales and has gained 4 years experience within the spa industry. In 2015 she completed Level 4 Sports Massage at Brighton & Hove City College.

Find out more about Carla here.

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