If you take your sport and health seriously and train regularly then it is very important that you look after and maintain your body as best possible through the correct nutrition. We all know the health benefits of a well balanced diet, however if you train regularly you may need to adjust your diet to help maintain your performance and all round health.

Nutritional needs
Depending on the type of sport or exercise you do on a regular basis will determine the kind of diet which is suitable for you.

Types of nutrition

  • Carbohydrates – these are our key energy source.  They come as either simple carbohydrates (sugars) or complex carbohydrates (starch).
  • Fats – high energy source, however can be hard to metabolise (in comparison to sugars) and are easily stored.
  • Minerals – inorganic elements which occur in nature. They are needed to help maintain many metabolic processes within the body.
  • Proteins – needed for the growth and repair of muscles and cell regeneration.
  • Fibre – this is the part of food which our body cannot digest or at least is not digested easily.  It provides roughage to help keep our digestive tract moving and aids a healthy digestive system.
  • Vitamins – water soluble and fat soluble vitamins are important in many of the body’s chemical processes.
  • Water – can supply vital minerals to the body, but will also help to keep all the good nutrients and blood cells flowing around the body.
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