MRI Referrals

While for the majority of cases X-Rays are a sufficient diagnostic tool, sometimes an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is required to help with a diagnosis. MRI’s can pick up bones, muscles, organs and other soft tissue, and can show everything in much more detail than an X-Ray. This makes MRI’s ideal for diagnosing disc herniation among many other conditions.

MRI scans can be used to investigate almost any area of the body including:

  Nervous System – including the brain and spinal cord
  Bones & Joints – you can check for tears and damage to joint surfaces, ligaments & tendons
  Blood Vessels – the condition of arteries and veins can be viewed and assessed
  Internal Organs – all organs can be checked for size and functional condition

Your Chiropractor can refer you for an MRI on a self-pay basis, with all providers being approved by the main private insurance companies. Self-pay referral options start at £200.

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