Upon your first appointment at the clinic, we like to spend some time getting to know you. This will include an informal chat to find out some information on your current and past activities, personal history and your reason for visiting the clinic. The personal history can include details on any past injuries, current medication and any related conditions, some details may not seem relevant to you, but can be very useful when making a diagnosis.

Following our examination, it may be necessary to refer you for x-ray imaging to help us determine the underlying causes of your symptoms and ensure it is both safe and appropriate to continue with care. Should this be required x-ray procedures are charged at £90 per region.  

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Checklist for new or returning patients:

If you haven’t seen us for a few years we like to spend some time catching up and updating your history!

  List of current medications and dosage
  Details of diagnosed conditions (including dates)
  Details of operations and other medical procedures (including dates)
  Private medical insurance details (if applicable)

We will then run through a physical examination to get a good overview of how your body is functioning. This physical will include assessing your joint range of motion, muscle strength, gait, skin sensations, neurological function and perform some specific orthopaedic tests. If necessary we will also run through a cardiovascular, respiratory and abdominal screening. These tests will help us get an overall view of your health and help us with our diagnosis.

We will then explain the findings from our tests and explain our full care plan – if you are still happy we can proceed with treatment.

What Does Treatment Involve?

Chiropractic treatment can involve many different forms of care. For most patients adjustments are just one part of the care plan, we also provide education, exercises and stretches to empower you to help yourself! Please read our Chiropractic FAQ section.

Chiropractic care can include;

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Posture correction
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises

First Appointment:

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