There are many types of Private Health Insurance. We currently work as a 3rd party alongside Axa, Aviva, Cigna, Vitality and WPA. Should you be with another insurance company we are more than happy to provide you with receipts for your treatment which you can then submit and claim back directly with them.

Once you have decided which Practitioner you would like to see you will need to contact your Insurance provider to get a claim reference number. They will ask you which Practitioner you will be seeing to get approval. Please see the Practitioner Codes below, you will need to give this number to them for them to confirm that the Practitioner is accepted for the claim.

Insurance Claim Check List

  • We will need to complete an Insurance Claim Form and agree to the terms and conditions before your first appointment.
  • Once we have your completed claim form we can then book you in for your first appointment.

Please note that you CANNOT claim for X-ray imaging with us from your insurer.

Download Insurance Claim Form (PRINTABLE)

  • Insurance Policy & Claim Details
  • Policy / Membership Number
  • Authorisation / Claim Code
  • Number of Sessions Approved
  • What is the Excess on Your Policy?

Insurance Policy and Claim Details

Chichester Chiropractic Health Clinic is a third-party in the process for private medical insurance claims. We are contracted to provide chiropractic services on behalf of your insurance company. As such we do not have access to the full details of your policy and rely on you to contact your insurance company and provide us with the correct details for your claim. 

Shortfall Payments:

Some private medical insurance policies have an annual excess amount. If you have an excess on your policy, you will be asked to pay this to us directly. If you attend the clinic for any appointments that are not approved by your insurance company, for whatever reason, you will be liable to pay the clinic directly for those visits. Your insurance company will inform you and us (Chichester Chiropractic Health Centre) of any shortfall payments resulting from your claim. If any insurance claim is denied, you will be liable for the Chichester Chiropractic Health Centre's fee schedule, not that of your insurers. You can find a list of our costs of treatment and services here

For this reason, we require a card on file, to take payments once they have been confirmed.


We require a deposit of £48. to be held on your account in the event that a claim is denied. At completion of your care, this deposit can be refunded or can be used towards future services.

Insurance Practitioner Codes

AXA Logo


  • Tamaryn Schafer - TS02420
  • Carl Thomas - CT02500
  • Ben Forward - BF00592

Aviva Logo


  • Terry Brigdale - 600147505
  • Tamaryn Schafer - 600136548
  • Carl Thomas - 600135811
  • Ben Forward - 60081652

Cigna Logo


  • Tamaryn Schafer - 223634
  • Carl Thomas - 223612
  • Ben Forward - 190859
  • Terry Brigdale - 223608

Vitality Logo


  • Terry Brigdale - SP104141
  • Tamaryn Schafer - SP099623
  • Carl Thomas - SP099296
  • Ben Forward - SP092807

WPA Logo


  • Terry Brigdale - 921026993
  • Tamaryn Schafer - 920968045
  • Carl Thomas - 920974266
  • Ben Forward - 920537067
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